European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry

ESCPB was founded in 1978 and soon became one the most important scientific platforms for promoting and supporting comparative physiology and biochemistry in Europe. The society was renewed in 2007 to incorporate recent developments and novel technologies in environmental and life sciences, gaining a wider perspective and potential for innovation. Since its foundation, 30 ESCPB congresses have been organized in locations across Europe (Ravenna, Innsbruck, Bilbao, Glasgow, Barcelona).

ESCPB is an international society open to scientist interested in comparative aspects of physiology and biochemistry, with a special emphasis on integration of environmental aspects as modulating factors of physiological, cellular, biochemical and molecular processes. The main objective of ESCPB is to encompass integrative and environmental physiology and biochemistry, focussing on mechanisms of adaptation to understand systems functioning. To achieve this goal, the society relies on a variety of approaches ranging from classical methodologies to genomics, proteomics and metabolomics. In this way, the society provides a forum for interaction between basic science and applied research areas, such as ecotoxicology, aquaculture and environmental sciences, including climate and biodiversity changes.